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Water Leaks - A Common, but Preventable Cause of Damage to a Home

  What many people don't know is that when water damage is caused by a plumbing failure, the plumbing repair is not covered under many insurance policies. By getting a thorough review and protecting your home before something happens, you potentially can save yourself a lot of stress and money.

Home Remodel Plumbing

  With today's economic conditions, if you need to expand or modernize your home, it makes sense to consider remodeling. But it is important to make sure you have a qualified and experienced plumber to tie everything into your existing system or to bring all of your plumbing up to date. Smith Brothers has been handling remodel plumbing for 25+ years and have experience with just about everything. There is a reason Smith Brothers is known as "My Plumber Friend": their long list of satisfied homeowners... (click here for more)

Home Restoration Plumbing

  "My Plumber Friend" is unique in Spokane specializing in vintage plumbing restoration. Vintage homes have such character and beauty but that character and beauty can turn into a nightmare quickly with failing plumbing. Smith Brothers has a Vintage Review Program to identify potential issues that either need to be addressed immediately or scheduled for future repair so that you can budget accordingly. What you don't want is to be reactive when it comes to older homes. Water damage is far too serious. Be proactive instead - don't let the leaks control you. (more info here)

General Plumbing

  Although Smith Brothers is recognized for specializing in vintage plumbing and remodels, they can handle most any plumbing repair. This includes freeze repair, water heaters, fixture replacement, sinks, toilets and faucets. We use the best brands such as Moen, Kohler, Grohe, In-sink-Erator, just to name a few. Do you have a special need or request? Give Smith Brothers a call (more info here)