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Remodel Plumbing

  When it comes to hiring a plumber for your remodel the most important question is; Are You Experienced?

Remodel is one of the most challenging types of plumbing projects, so you want your plumber to have experience with as many different situations as possible. The older the house, the more complicated it can be. Previous remodels, "handyman projects", one never knows what you may find behind walls. A well seasoned remodel plumber can save you money over someone who may not have "seen it all".

In the last one hundred years, plumbing has changed in many ways, both in material and method. Your plumber should be comfortable dealing with all of them. Something else you want to keep in mind is that your plumber will most likely be working in your house while you're living in it. Being able to trust him is of utmost importance. Ask to talk to previous customers. Are they accredited with the Better Business Bureau?

Neatness and respect of your space is also important. Again, he's in your house. A responsible worker, no matter the trade, should provide protection for your property wherever he is working or passing through. Smith Brothers Plumbing has the experience you need and the commitment to treat your house like it is Your Home. By this we will always consider you and your family in all we do. When we come to do a job at your house, we are not just looking out for our profits but your best interest.